Guild Sponsorship

Jul 07, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of our Guild Sponsorship Event, designed to support and reward the most active and dedicated guilds in Silkroad Origin Mobile. This is your chance to showcase your guild's strength, coordination, and unity while earning fantastic rewards!

- Duration: 07/07/2024 ~ 13/07/2024

- Details: The guild leader/representative should post in the Silkroad Origin Mobile [Official Group] following this format:
+ Guild name
+ Your character name
+ Server
+ Number of members
+ Video of the guild defeating a boss (requires at least 20 members participating)
+ Photo of guild members together in the game
+ Add hashtag #Guildmaster

** Guild members should comment on the post made by their leader/representative to check in.
** The post must receive at least 20 likes and 20 comments.

- Reward: "Guild" gift code for all guild members.

- Note:
+ Guilds must meet the requirements exactly.
+ Each gift code can only be used once per account.
+ Gift codes will be sent to the guild representative (the one who made the post).
+ After receiving the codes, the guild leader must distribute them to the guild members. Selling, trading codes, or impersonating guild members will be penalized.
+ The person who made the post is considered the guild leader by default.